New! PEACE (Patchouli + Sage + Frankincense)

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The Pure Candle28756 copy_peace.jpg
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New! PEACE (Patchouli + Sage + Frankincense)


Beautiful and botanical aromatherapy made from 100% pure essential oils which are steam distilled from plants and flowers.  Each candle in this collection has aromatherapy matched to support one’s intention packaged in a modern matte white glass with gold silkscreen of your intention on the front.  Use these candles for times of reflection or prayer and use the power of intention. Or just enjoy your favorite scent.

Light your Intention candle in a special place, ask for your intention, visualize it coming true and believe!


Patchouli + Rose + Frankincense


Relax deeply with the mystical blend of patchouli, sage and frankincense essential oils. Matched to allow your mind and body to find serenity and peace.  This incredible aromatherapy will center the inner spirit and create a state of bliss.

100% pure essential oils, non-GMO soy wax and a cotton wick
11 oz matte white glass silkscreened with gold ink (Non Toxic)
Packaged in an eco-luxury, recyclable box
Burns 60 hours

Glass, Wax, Wick, and Box ALL MADE IN USA

Hand poured in Florida

Vegan Certified

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