How to become more positive and attract what you want!


Why is it s difficult to be positive all the damn time?  We struggle with our own inner dialogue telling us we just can't be healthy, we can't save money, we can't have a happy relationship blah blah blah.  We find ourselves quickly judging others because of our own insecurities that can feed into toxic gossip.  We catch ourselves talking badly to ourselves and about others and know deep inside it's not good but somehow it just keeps going.  Why is it so hard to be nice sometimes, especially to ourselves?


This past year has been a year for me personally to be kinder, less toxic, more loving and less judgmental.  It has taken a lot of work to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones and I struggle every day but I have seen the results that can happen when you put more energy towards positive thoughts.  You become more present in the moments of life that we sometimes rush by and somehow you start to notice change or things that were there all along.  A good example of this is that my husband and I created a rule in the house that there was no looking at phones or laptops after 5pm and that we would eat at the dinner table every night.  Well, that didn't happen all the time but, the little effort that we made in doing that forced us to become completely present in the moment and it created some long lasting family memories.  Those moments fill your heart with such joy and gratitude that you can't help but to feel buzzy good love!


I started to set intentions a year ago to attract more of what I want in my life.  Some people ask, "What do you mean by setting intentions?  Well, I basically light a candle, meditate, feel gratitude for what I have and then  ask the universe what I want and really visualize what I want to happen in my life (that day) and believe that it will happen and EXPECT it to happen. This is NOT easy to do!!!!   That's when I created The Pure Intentions Collection.  I needed to see the word of what it was that I wanted, breathe in the beautiful aromatherapy to support my intention, and touch the oils from the pool of wax to massage into my skin to remind me throughout the day of my intention.  Basically SURROUND myself with what I want.  I can't tell you that these are magic candles because the truth is that the magic is within YOU.  But it takes work to CREATE the life that will attract everything you want in life and these candles offer inspiration,  and make it a little easier to stay focused on the visualization. 


A year ago I wanted to finally be free of an office or corporate environment and have my own business, I wanted to mend an important relationship in my life, I wanted to be a more present mom and learn from my daughter (they teach us so much), to release any toxic aspects to my life which meant jobs, friends, and lifestyle, to love myself, to be a loving and supportive wife, to have a business that was profitable and meaningful and would inspire others, to have amazing and high end clients, to become a certified Yoga Instructor for my own health journey, to be more compassionate and to RELEASE anything that wasn't serving me anymore-to HEAL.  I did all that plus more!  I 100% believe that because I changed my mindset and had the right people supporting me, I let go of any fear to make it happen.  

Now, it's 2014 and I am excited because I KNOW that I will make my dreams come true because I have it within me and there will only be the most supportive people around me to make it happen. I will attract everything I need in my life. I BELIEVE!  

Let go and create the life you have always wanted.  Make 2014 your year!

"Light with Pure Intention"

Mayra Kavan

Gratitude is the season...

My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving.  I love the opportunity to gather with family, friends and sometimes a stranger or acquaintance who needs a place to share a meal because they are far from home.   I love that there are no gifts and the only focus is feeling grateful for the love and health in our lives.  I love the delicious meal to be shared and the looks of excitement and relaxation on everyone's face around the table.

We easily go through the day forgetting at times what gratitude feels like.  Makes us feel so warm inside and genuinely happy even for just a moment....even if we may be lacking in areas of our lives.  When we focus on the positive and FEEL gratitude, it's an automatic shift in our energy and bodies and we are less stressed and more open to the abundance of the Universe.

We created the beautiful Gratitude candle to simply give as a gift to show appreciation and for the user to light when they feel grateful for something in their life.  What a great way to take a moment to light a candle, close your eyes and to think about your spouses, children, pets, home, family members, a friend who helped, a co-worker who was there for you, a neighbor who always sends a smile even when you're feeling lousy.  We can all find moments of gratitude daily and I encourage all of you to take two minutes to genuinely feel the buzzy happiness if gives you.  Send the love!

 "Light with Pure Intention"

Mayra Kavan


The Pure Candle creates luxurious and sustainable private label candles

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The Pure Candle helps Yoga Gangsters

When I started my new business, it was very important to me to make sure I contributed to an organization that would help young people discover their inner strength through the power of yoga.  

Yoga Gangsters is a Miami-based (now national) non-profit organization whose mission is to empower youth by addressing the symptoms of trauma and poverty such as limited education, addiction, violence, incarceration, teen pregnancy, HIV, physical/mental disabilities and more using the science and practice of yoga.

The Pure Candle is happy to announce that we are helping to raise money benefiting Yoga Gangsters Inc.

Let's help our youth gain access to the healing light of yoga!

Join us!