Everyday Meditation with the Founder

There is so much to talk about when it comes to meditation and being mindful. I felt inspired to share how I incorporate both throughout a very busy day.  I start my morning with the everyday hustle of getting the family fed, dressed and there are some mornings, I will confess, when I can’t wait for everyone to leave.  I try to always stop for a moment to look into my daughter’s eyes to ask her, “Who is in charge to make today a great day?” and she smiles right back at me and says, “I am”.  After kisses and hugs, my loving hubby is off to get her to school and I am left with the welcoming quietness of my home and our cute little dog Lula staring up at me.  I take a deep breath and think of the day ahead of me with meetings, phone calls and emails.  

Even if you don't have the time to set aside to practice full meditation, these are a few of your everyday moments that you can utilize into a mindful technique each day.


Thankful to make beds

Even if I may not have time to meditate or read something inspiring which is how I would love to start every morning, I take a moment for myself by making the beds and organizing the kitchen. For me, there is something about making a bed and smoothing out all of the wrinkles and creating a neat and fresh invitation for peaceful rest later in the day for your loved ones.  I put a lot of love into it and I also take this moment to practice gratitude, to thank the divine for all of my blessings and to reflect on how good it feels to have some order which brings me peace.


Wash a dish and cleanse your worries

Washing the dishes is a great time for me to practice releasing any negativity.  It feels great to wash every plate and with it, I wash away my worries and negative thoughts. Wiping down the counters gives me a clearer mind and starts the day with a clean slate.


Relaxation can ignite creativity

Showering is my time to become inspired and for some reason, this is where I get my best ideas.  I use some orange or lemongrass aromatherapy and it invigorates me to think over designs for new concepts for my business or supporting my family’s needs.  The steam on the glass is my “whiteboard” where I write and sketch and let my creative energy flow in tune with the water down my back.  I breathe deeply and close my eyes and capture my ideas in a more steady and organized process and relax.


Connecting with nature reminds us to be present

At this point of my morning, cute little Lula is by the door quietly reminding me that it’s time for a walk.  I always leave my phone behind and opening the door, the day invites us with birds singing, blue skies and fresh air.  Even though I am still training Lula, I always honor her needs to stop and smell a scent in the air that is grabbing her full attention, or sometimes it is a breeze or a leaf.  She is reminding me to pay attention to what is around me and how to be present in the moment.  I forget my thoughts, stretch my arms out and do shoulder rolls and notice the trees, squirrels and birds and feel harmonious.


Create expectations and make the day yours

This morning I felt drawn to my Lapis crystal and as I held it in my hand and closed my eyes, I felt it’s strong vibration.  I lit the special rose candle I have that was made by our best candlemaker and started to write down how the end of the day was going to feel.  I am content of all that will be accomplished and I put on some new music I downloaded. Bring on the day!

So, there are moments all throughout the day to stay mindful and re-connect with the inner source within you of peace, love, stability and stillness.  I find that when I can continue this practice throughout the rest of my day, stressful situations just need me to take a few breaths to remind me that everything will work out how it is meant to be.


Finding Your Inner Peace

Have you ever been at a point in your life when you felt that your heart could never heal again? As human beings, we’ve all harvested feelings of anger, resentment, guilt and anxiety. We can all say that we’ve had our lows. Those points when you wonder if you will ever find inner peace and love again. But the magical part of life and spirituality is that we rebuild, we grow, and we renew our souls continuously. Somehow, someway, we find the strength we need to keep our hearts open and find peace within ourselves to carry on.

Today we’re digging deeper with our weekly post because we want to share our tips to manifestation, particularly with life’s favored quality: Peace. You may think that attracting qualities into your life and utterly changing how you receive everything is, well, impossible. But it’s not! Rebuilding your spirit is a process but finding your inner peace again is worth it all. As little reminders of what we want more of, we always display our PEACE candle in a prominent place in our home. Begin your manifestation with reflection. Sit in silence and reflect on your life’s biggest challenges.


Reflect. To really conquer negative feelings, recall the situations in your life that have caused you the most stress or anger. At this point, imagine how you would do things differently to prevent negative feelings from occurring. Do not focus on what someone has done to you – but instead focus on how you may have brought a situation on yourself and how you can adjust to keep your peace. Only when you can conquer how you can improve as a person will you truly begin to rebuild in strength. Reflection is important process in harvesting and controlling emotions, it allows you to grow.

Visualize. During your meditation process, usually after your reflection, begin visualization to manifest your inner peace. Select a few of your most peaceful scenes in life, whether it be on a beach, at a cottage by the river or in a tropical forest. They can be scenes that existed in your life, or entirely made up. The important part of visualization is that you allow your mind and body to be entirely still and at peace, but also to refer to your “peaceful place” during future situations of stress. While visualizing, focus on sound and scent. Using your other senses will distract the mind from thought. The PEACE candle was created precisely for this purpose. Made with the luxurious essential oils clary sage and Canadian white spruce, the scent of the candle allows your mind to be strengthened, remaining serene and harmonious.

Renew. Renewing your spirit and filling your heart with peace is the final stage in manifestation. Your goal is to envision the person you want to be. Thoroughly decide how you want to react to situations and learn to be present in each moment. You are renewing yourself to become a peaceful and gentle person. A quote we frequently refer to helps set the bar for a worriless life:

Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no trouble, noise or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things, but still be calm in your heart.

This is the ultimate affirmation for attracting peace into your life. Remembering that you cannot control situations in your life – but you can control your reaction, is the key. You decide how you use your energy. 

I am at peace with where I am, where I am going and what has been. I choose to change my life to match my dreams and desires and take action from my still, wise center.