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NEW Summer Scents!

For the last year, The Pure Candle has been working hard to craft the perfect aromatherapy candle inspired by a  day at the beach. Using pure essential oils and natural soy wax, we've delivered the new BEACH collection. Enjoy scents SKY * SAND * SEA * and bring the beach home with you this season for 20% OFF!

Delight with the refreshing aromatherapy blend of peppermint and unique undertones of fresh herbs that will energize you on a hot day in this beautiful sky blue seaglass container. Pure Essential Oils, Soy Wax and Cotton Wick in a 10 oz seaglass inspired vessel. Burns 60 hours and contains no synthetic fragrances, toxins or chemicals Hand poured in the USA, Florida.

Your own tropical oasis of exotic floral blends of ylang ylang, jasmine and may chang will remind you of romantic summer walks in a clean frosted glass container. Pure Essential Oils, Soy Wax and Cotton Wick in a 10 oz seaglass inspired vessel. Burns 60 hours and contains no synthetic fragrances, toxins or chemicals. Hand Poured in USA-Florida

Fresh and zesty aromatherapy will delight you with a blend of 100% pure essential oils of sweet orange, key lime and a touch of lemongrass in gorgeous seaglass. Pure Essential Oils, Soy Wax and Cotton Wick in a 10 oz seaglass inspired vessel. Burns 60 hours and contains no synthetic fragrances, toxins or chemicals. Hand Poured in USA-Florida

NEW Spring Collection!

Refresh the house from winter air and welcome spring with The Pure Candle’s limited edition Spring Collection! Consisting of 4 scents (eucalyptus and spearmint, Lemongrass, Lime & Cilantro and Lavender & Sage) the Pure Mason Jar Kitchen Candles are filled with 100% pure essential oils, burn for 75 hours and contain no synthetic fragrances, toxins or chemicals. We know you’re in the midst of spring cleaning and sprucing up your home for the season, so here are our favorite scents to make the process even more soothing and refreshing. Click HERE to shop!

Create your own ZEN space

Whether you frequently meditate, are an avid yogi, or maybe just like to balance the energy of your home, it's all about creating the perfect ZEN space! We all know that it can definitely be difficult to create relaxation and tranquility in the home with everyone's day to day schedules -- but creating a peace haven in your home really doesn't have to be that complicated. Here's how: 

Section off an area of your home that is just for relaxation. Use this area for daily meditation, yoga practice or wind down time with a good book. Zen is purity and simplicity so when creating your space stick with the five senses: sight, touch, scent, sound, and taste. Surround yourself with your comfort items. Perhaps you're a tea aficionado or you love the sound of falling water, include these things in your space. We've chosen Mala beads for touch, tea for taste, Budha for sight, fresh greenery for natural calmness and three of our recommended aromatherapy candles for scent. also recommends to eliminate clutter, remove electronic disturbances, stick to neutral and earthy colors, and add plants to bring more natural to the home. Looking for more aromatherapy & zen inspiration? Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @ThePureCandle. 

Meditating with Intention Candles

Peace. Prosperity. Health. Love. Clarity. These qualities all describe what we want more of in life. But what if you can have all of this just by meditating? While the well-known Law of Attraction originally inspired our Intentions Collection, meditation invokes our practice. Manifesting the life you want is just as simple as setting your intentions and visualizing yourself with your particular desire. We’ve found visualization to be most successful during meditation.

Every day, after coffee has been made and the morning rush dies down and before even diving into the day’s tasks, I set aside time for meditation. I select an Intention for the day, typically Peace or Health, my personal preferences. I light my Peace candle and turn on the soundtrack “Meditation by the Sea” and situate myself in the Sunroom, my favorite room in the house. I let the morning sun in and begin my visualization.

When attracting peace with the Intentions candle, I let the room fill with the scent of essential oils patchouli, white spruce and sage and allow my mind to drift to my serene place. To bring peace to my day, I meditate while visualizing myself in a calm and harmonious setting, usually sitting near a waterfall or lake. I embrace the sounds of the waters and allow peace to become the setting for my day.

Once a visualization is set, I allow my mind to go completely blank by focusing on my breathing, scent and physical feeling. I direct my attention to the scent of the candle, the warm sun filling the room and embrace my other senses aside from thought, allowing my mind to clear while remaining entirely peaceful.

Though I typically set Peace as my intention while using the candle for meditation, you can set so many other intentions for your day though meditation. For example, if you would like to attract more Health into your life, begin your visualization with an image of yourself manifesting strength and wellbeing. If I am attracting Health into my life, I will meditate and visualize myself hiking, canoeing or engaging in a strenuous physical activity that would require great health.

Enjoy the entire Intentions Collection for your Meditation practice, including Intentions Love, Prosperity, Health, Clarity, Healing, Peace, Joy, Inspiration and Gratitude.

Meditation Photo via Huffington Post 

Create a Romantic Atmosphere with Aromatic Essential Oil Candles

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re setting the mood for romance with our aromatherapy candles! Whether you’re celebrating lover’s day relaxing at a secluded cabin cuddled in front of a fireplace or planning a dinner date followed by a romantic night in, our original aroma blends in our LOVE and SEXY candles are the perfect touch.

Essential Oils, favored and recommended by relationship experts, are the best way to ignite your senses and spice things up! Promoting two of our specialty candles for the big day, we’re showing you how to create a romantic atmosphere with aromatic essential oil candles and just how these scents are benefiting your love life.

The oils used in our Valentine’s Candles {SEXY and LOVE} such as Rose and Ylang Ylang act as a major love potion! Made for the ladies, Rose balances hormones and boosts feelings of sexual prowess and confidence, while Ylang Ylang increases energy and intensifies feelings or eroticism to help “set the mood”.  Both oils increase libido overall and promote attraction so you’re ending the night with a bang!

These traditional romance oils like jasmine, rose, and ylang ylang are combined with amber and warm vanilla make for a passionate night. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and add a little something extra to the package, OR gift the candles for your special someone!

Aromatherapy Soy Candle LOVE, $38.00

Rose Geranium | Ylang Ylang | Bergamot

Immerse yourself in the love candle. This pretty floral blend includes ylang ylang from Madagascar which eases you in a gentle and loving state of mind. Enjoy its sweet, floral aphrodisiac properties. Give yourself the gift of a balanced mood, while attracting love, compassion and passion in yourself and those around you. 

Aromatherapy Soy Candle - SEXY, $38.00

Amber | Rose | Vanilla

Awaken sensuality with a full bodied and warm musky smell of the sexy candle. The woodsy and heady notes of amber combined with soft floral rose and comforting vanilla, will engage your romantic senses. This exotic blend will invite confidence and allure to anyone who wants to feel their inner passion ignite. 

Holiday Scents

With the holidays quickly approaching, a sense of excitement fills the air. There’s something about the décor, the energy, the sentiment behind symbols and rituals that evoke a childlike giddiness. 

The holiday season, regardless of your beliefs, is an opportunity to celebrate, to gather, to look inward, and to give thanks.

The holiday season is filled with parties and celebrations—it’s exciting, it’s exhausting, but most of all, it’s a cornucopia of CHEER.  Regardless of how run down you get with juggling daily routines and holiday events, there’s something about the spirit of the holidays that is cheerful. And to bring those moments into your home or office, why not light our CHEER candle, which fills the room with revitalizing and cooling peppermint, reminiscent of candy canes other seasonal treats.


Along with holiday cheer, comes holiday merriment. Being MERRY is deliciously unavoidable: grandmother bakes her famous gingerbread, mom bakes the apple pies, someone spikes the eggnog, and everyone guiltlessly indulges. Our MERRY candle perfectly captures the scents and flavors of holiday sweets. When MERRY is lit, the air is filled with a warm, yet citrusy aroma. It’s comforting, sweet, almost tasty.


And with all of the cheer and merriment of the season, we often forget to look inward, and feed our personal joys. JOY is found within ourselves, and adds quality to our lives. To discover your inner JOY, warm our JOY candle, which will calm your senses, and lift your spirits. Lavender, lemongrass, and tangerine fill the room with security and sunshine—the perfect setting to reflect.


As exciting as the holiday season is, it is also stressful. As days get shorter and to-do lists get longer, we forget to be grateful for life’s simple pleasures, and we fail to allow ourselves to experience a moment of PEACE. Uplift yourself and warm our PEACE candle, which will drench your soul in patchouli, clary sage, and Canadian white spruce. PEACE will clear your mind, opening it up strength, serenity, and harmony.

Finally, enjoy the season! Embrace the season for the bounty of gifts that it has to offer: CHEER, JOY, MERRY, and PEACE. Things may not always be perfect, but grasp what you can, and amazing moments await in the New Year.

Harvesting Gratitude

Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers, we more than gain in fruits.
— —Samuel Butler

Nothing tips us off to “new beginnings” quite like the approach of Fall.  The long, hot, adventurous days of summer disappear as children go back to school, temperatures drop, leaves start turning, and most importantly, everyday routines begin to shift.  And as our schedules get hectic and our lives become complicated, we catch ourselves wallowing in misery and focusing on what we do not have enough of: time, money, space.  Instead, let’s shift our thought process, and think about the smallest things we are grateful for.

Gratitude is the embrace and appreciation of life’s simplest pleasures. For some, it is the rustle of leaves, the snuggle of a pet, the laughter of children.  And for me, it’s fitting to say that I simply welcome everything autumn has to offer—it is my absolute favorite season. Temperatures drop, apple orchards are fruitful, grapes are sweeter, ocean waves crash, beach bonfires are abundant, and a certain sweet petrichor lingers through the air.

That earthy, comforting scent that I so love about Fall is perfectly captured by The Pure Candle in their GRATITUDE Soy Aromatherapy Candle, which evokes a woodsy sense of warmth. The GRATITUDE candle has pure essential oils of rosewood and white spruce, which when warmed, fill the room with a grounding, forest-like aroma.

GRATITUDE not only smells great, but also serves as a simple reminder to be grateful for life’s many joys.  Lighting it for a few minutes every day not only perfumes the home, but also allows you to take time to acknowledge and appreciate your blessings. It is a sure way to be thankful for the bounty that us upon us, and experience more happiness by focusing on the positive.

And with a name like GRATITUDE, I feel like this candle would make the perfect gift.  Bring it to a dinner party, to thank the host or hostess for having you.  Give it to a friend, partner, or family member to celebrate their birthday, or simply because they’re awesome. Give it to the neighbor who looks after your home when you’re away, gift it to a mentor to thank them for all of their advice and encouragement.  The GRATITUDE candle is perfect for anyone you appreciate.

Also, with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, this candle will not only smell beautiful, but it will remind us that the holiday is not simply about turkey and football, but also about GRATITUDE, and savoring the simple pleasures of life. Its clean, white lines and classic glass jar, would be lovely blended into any table setting, regardless of decorating style. The soy candles have a cotton wick, and are make entirely with plant-based ingredients, so toxins and other carcinogens are not emitted in the smoke.

Lighting aromatic candles is a great way to change your mood, de-stress, perfume your home, and appreciate life’s little pleasures. 

Home Lit Luxuries, without the chemicals!

How often to you stop to read just exactly what is used in your fragrances? So many of our home lit luxuries are entirely compacted with toxic chemicals that can be hazardous to our health. Many candles might say soy on the label, but actually hold a toxic fragrance. You might also notice that some candles will say they are made with a pure essential blend or a natural fragrance. But actually, there is no such thing as a natural fragrance! This burden began an idea for a candle line that is entirely free of toxins and chemicals using one of nature’s purest ingredients--soy. Our candles are made with 100% pure essential oils only, read more:

The Benefits of Soy

While the majority of candles are made from Parrafin Wax, The Pure Candle specializes in hand poured Soy Wax candles. Soy is a natural vegetable wax created from a soybean oil. We prefer to use Soy as a more environmentally-friendly use of candle wax. Not only is Soy a more natural solution, but Soy wax has a handful of alternative benefits:

  •  A cleaner burn. Candles created from soy wax burn cleaner than candles of Parrafin wax. Soy candles are non-toxic so no toxic chemicals are released into the air when burning.
  • Longer Lasting. According to Live Strong, Soy candles typically last longer than a paraffin candle of the same size. The reason behind the longevity of soy candles is the slower burning time and cooler burning temperature of the soybean-based wax.
  • Better Scents. Soy candles are known to hold on to the scents from essential oils. Not only are The Pure Candle products made from soy, but also essential aromatherapy oils. Because Soy Candles burn slower, the scent is gradually released into the air.

Why Natural Ingredients?

When taking notice to frequent sensitivity to scents and products, the founder began to research the many toxic ingredients used in the making of our everyday essentials. From that day forward, an idea was born. The Pure Candle was created with a love for home scents and fragrances without any chemicals included. Containing the purest essential oils extracted from plants dated back to native regions, The Pure Candle was created.


A combination of essential oils and soy wax makes The Pure Candle one of the cleanest and healthiest candles on the market. With only plant-based ingredients and entirely omitting toxins and carcinogens, each aromatherapy soy candle is hand-poured and packaged mindfully and environmentally in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. With one extra bonus: aromatherapy!

The Pure Candle personally engages in the many ways you can surround yourself with calm and peace, a necessity for any business woman! Aromatherapy usage dates back thousands of years ago and the scent is known to uplift and calm your mood instantly.

“Our aromatherapy candles and luxury candles contain only plant-based ingredients, thereby emitting NO toxins or carcinogens.  Each soy candle is hand-poured and packaged mindfully and environmentally in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.”

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