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Meditating with Intention Candles

Peace. Prosperity. Health. Love. Clarity. These qualities all describe what we want more of in life. But what if you can have all of this just by meditating? While the well-known Law of Attraction originally inspired our Intentions Collection, meditation invokes our practice. Manifesting the life you want is just as simple as setting your intentions and visualizing yourself with your particular desire. We’ve found visualization to be most successful during meditation.

Every day, after coffee has been made and the morning rush dies down and before even diving into the day’s tasks, I set aside time for meditation. I select an Intention for the day, typically Peace or Health, my personal preferences. I light my Peace candle and turn on the soundtrack “Meditation by the Sea” and situate myself in the Sunroom, my favorite room in the house. I let the morning sun in and begin my visualization.

When attracting peace with the Intentions candle, I let the room fill with the scent of essential oils patchouli, white spruce and sage and allow my mind to drift to my serene place. To bring peace to my day, I meditate while visualizing myself in a calm and harmonious setting, usually sitting near a waterfall or lake. I embrace the sounds of the waters and allow peace to become the setting for my day.

Once a visualization is set, I allow my mind to go completely blank by focusing on my breathing, scent and physical feeling. I direct my attention to the scent of the candle, the warm sun filling the room and embrace my other senses aside from thought, allowing my mind to clear while remaining entirely peaceful.

Though I typically set Peace as my intention while using the candle for meditation, you can set so many other intentions for your day though meditation. For example, if you would like to attract more Health into your life, begin your visualization with an image of yourself manifesting strength and wellbeing. If I am attracting Health into my life, I will meditate and visualize myself hiking, canoeing or engaging in a strenuous physical activity that would require great health.

Enjoy the entire Intentions Collection for your Meditation practice, including Intentions Love, Prosperity, Health, Clarity, Healing, Peace, Joy, Inspiration and Gratitude.

Meditation Photo via Huffington Post 

Setting Intentions for 2015

Tips + Tricks to Begin the New Year

Ringing in 2015 can be just as exciting as we’ve made it out to be. We begin to embrace the New Year by looking back. Let’s look long and hard at 2014. What have you accomplished? What were you grateful for? Did you have any challenges? To look to the future and start fresh, looking back always gives us a great sense of optimism and excitement. Though we’re all guilty of setting high expectations for the New Year, resolutions can be accomplished with the right support and tools!

Declutter. Make your way into the New Year by making a little more room, physically and mentally. Wipe your slate clean of the year’s residue. Begin by organizing your closets and handbags, declutter your office and file away all old documents in a storage bin. Make room for the future! The decluttering process allows you to cleanse your mind and make room for new ideas to flow freely.

Reflect. A new journal and agenda is just the tool for setting those New Year’s goals. Beginning a new journal with a reflection of gratitude can help set the tone for the year ahead. Jot down inspiring quotes, visuals and ideas for your year to come. At TPC headquarters, we light our Clarity candle during the reflection process, made with cleansing and inspiring aromatherapy notes of lit sea cubeba and lemongrass.  

Visualize. Think about what the end of the 2015 will be like – envisioning the future will help set your year’s goals. Truly visualize. What are you doing? What do you feel like? What have you accomplished?  Working backwards is a technique that can easily allow you to be productive step by step.  Once your goals are set, write them down and make a copy of it and put it up in a prominent place so you read it every day. To take visualization a step further, cut out pictures from magazines or google and print images that support your goals and refresh your vision board in your room or office.  This is all to support The Law of Attraction: think it will happen, see it will happen, believe it will happen…and it will happen!  

Setting Intentions. The attraction method is what inspired the creation of the intentions aromatherapy collection. Every day, select an intention that you want to focus on and light that candle and say an intention for it.  For example, if you are tired and unmotivated, light Inspiration made with energizing aromatherapy of spearmint and white spruce and say, “It is going to feel so good to have energy today and complete my project”.

Or, if you have an important meeting that day and in need of prosperous energy, light the warming Prosperity candle and say “I am so excited about the success and prosperity coming to me.”

If a resolution is to channel your energy in good health, enjoy our Healthy candle and focus on which area of your body you’d like to heal or improve. While they aren’t magical candles, you will find the magic that is inside you when you set your mind to expect something to happen and believe it will happen.

We’re wishing everyone the most magical and amazing 2015!  Believe in what you can do, expect it to happen and have fun!


Healing with Aromatherapy

Who doesn’t love a bit of aromatherapy? It’s an art, but also a science. It’s the practice of natural oils extracted from flowers and leaves to enhance your physical and emotional well-being. Each essential oil has their own individual healing properties. 

Light with Pure Intention. Those four words perfectly describe our top seller, The Pure Healing Candle, perfectly. Containing the purest essential oils extracted from plants indigenous to their native regions along with a combination of soy wax, creates a healthy and clean candle incomparable to any other.

The best reason to add the healing candle to your home is for the added benefit of the aromatherapy properties. It’s an alternative embark to help your body, mind, and spirit through the power of aromatherapy to stimulate your senses. Dating back to ancient Egyptians who used essential oils in massages and baths, aromatherapy quickly became notable for its unique healing practices.

Certain scents are able to trigger reactions in your body to enhance clarity, concentration, relieve stress, and help gain energy. By knowing the different properties connected to myriad of scents, you’ll be able to decide on scented candles that will have your desired effect. Naturally, we’re captivated by the things that smell good and make us feel good.

The Pure Healing Candle was made to purify both your mind and body. Essential oils of French Lavender and refreshing eucalyptus soothe your body, while reducing mental and physical weariness. Anxiety can be diminished and euphoria can arise, when united with sage, the “sacred herb.” Use the Healing Candle to detoxify, energize and heal.

The key ingredient, Lavender, is an essential oil notable for soothing and relaxing. It is said to help relieve nervousness, stress, and depression. Often, it’s used to help with headaches and to fall asleep. The perfect scent for your bedroom or for a candlelight bubble bath, let the power of aromatherapy blends heal your day.

To enjoy your Pure Healing Candle, decide on a special non-crafty place in your home or office to allow the beautiful aromatherapy to encompass you. To heighten the burn of the soy candle and the essence of the healing aromatherapy, let the trim-free wick burn for approximately an hour, making sure the wax pools at the edge of the glass.

When you’re ready to use your Healing Candle, take a few deep breaths through your nose, allowing the distinct and influential properties of the essential oils to reach your inner consciousness. Visualize your healing and release any negativity that no longer serves you. The power of the aromatherapy coupled with the visualization of healing and believing, will harness the powers of manifestation! 

Aromatherapy is an efficient way to increase a sense of well-being. A Pure Candle can add a pleasing aura to an entire room. Embrace the new scent-filled and colorful world of scented candles. Allow the Healing Candle to do exactly what it was designed to do: heal.