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Creating Chi and Balance

As we open our windows to embrace the fresh spring air, we welcome a new season and release the old. But spring cleaning is more than a thorough scrubbing. For us, spring cleaning is a rejuvenating process that allows us to move forward with clear slates and clear minds. Letting go of winter’s weary-weathered days, we embrace the sunshine and balance our homes with harmony.

Balance seems to be the key to everything. Just as we balance our lives, our diet, and our workload, balancing our home is no different. The spring season is the perfect time to release negativity from our space and invite in new engaging energies. Our beloved practice of Feng Shui tells us that to invite this energy, our home must have a natural flow of chi (the energy of the universe).

Achieving this healthy balance is as simple as 5 steps – bring in the 5 Feng Shui Elements into your home: fire, earth, wood, water and metal. Just as nature recharges our soul, nature’s elements do the same.

The element of wood refers to natural growth and vibrant health. We love to use tree branches, raw wooden shelves (rustic) or bamboo. Try taking a walk on a nearby beach or woodsy area in search of the perfect pieces that you can use for home accents.


Creating high energy levels and fueling passion the fire element fosters the expression of creativity. A great way to introduce this element to your home is with candles and fireplaces. Clusters of candles create a vibrant and relaxing energy while emphasizing the quality “at-home” feel we all search for. Try our aromatherapy candles and our Intentions collection, all made naturally with soy.

The element of earth generates nourishment, stability and knowledge. The best way to welcome Earth into your home is by decorating with cherished crystals, stones or plants. Soil signifies an unspoken respect for our planet.

Cultivating strength, focus, and independence, the metal element is the easiest to decorate with. Using metal vases or unique sculptures and art pieces, metal not only offers curb appeal but an inviting energy for your chateau.

It seems we’re always searching for wealth, abundance and fluidity, and this is where the element of water comes to play. Search for a perfect indoor fountain as a decorative piece. This element instantly changes the mood and atmosphere in your home.

We look forward to seeing how you spruce up your home for spring! To follow our lifestyle of yoga, meditation, feng shui, intentions, aromatherapy and more, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ThePureCandle

Harvesting Gratitude

Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers, we more than gain in fruits.
— —Samuel Butler

Nothing tips us off to “new beginnings” quite like the approach of Fall.  The long, hot, adventurous days of summer disappear as children go back to school, temperatures drop, leaves start turning, and most importantly, everyday routines begin to shift.  And as our schedules get hectic and our lives become complicated, we catch ourselves wallowing in misery and focusing on what we do not have enough of: time, money, space.  Instead, let’s shift our thought process, and think about the smallest things we are grateful for.

Gratitude is the embrace and appreciation of life’s simplest pleasures. For some, it is the rustle of leaves, the snuggle of a pet, the laughter of children.  And for me, it’s fitting to say that I simply welcome everything autumn has to offer—it is my absolute favorite season. Temperatures drop, apple orchards are fruitful, grapes are sweeter, ocean waves crash, beach bonfires are abundant, and a certain sweet petrichor lingers through the air.

That earthy, comforting scent that I so love about Fall is perfectly captured by The Pure Candle in their GRATITUDE Soy Aromatherapy Candle, which evokes a woodsy sense of warmth. The GRATITUDE candle has pure essential oils of rosewood and white spruce, which when warmed, fill the room with a grounding, forest-like aroma.

GRATITUDE not only smells great, but also serves as a simple reminder to be grateful for life’s many joys.  Lighting it for a few minutes every day not only perfumes the home, but also allows you to take time to acknowledge and appreciate your blessings. It is a sure way to be thankful for the bounty that us upon us, and experience more happiness by focusing on the positive.

And with a name like GRATITUDE, I feel like this candle would make the perfect gift.  Bring it to a dinner party, to thank the host or hostess for having you.  Give it to a friend, partner, or family member to celebrate their birthday, or simply because they’re awesome. Give it to the neighbor who looks after your home when you’re away, gift it to a mentor to thank them for all of their advice and encouragement.  The GRATITUDE candle is perfect for anyone you appreciate.

Also, with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, this candle will not only smell beautiful, but it will remind us that the holiday is not simply about turkey and football, but also about GRATITUDE, and savoring the simple pleasures of life. Its clean, white lines and classic glass jar, would be lovely blended into any table setting, regardless of decorating style. The soy candles have a cotton wick, and are make entirely with plant-based ingredients, so toxins and other carcinogens are not emitted in the smoke.

Lighting aromatic candles is a great way to change your mood, de-stress, perfume your home, and appreciate life’s little pleasures.