holiday candles

Holiday Scents

With the holidays quickly approaching, a sense of excitement fills the air. There’s something about the décor, the energy, the sentiment behind symbols and rituals that evoke a childlike giddiness. 

The holiday season, regardless of your beliefs, is an opportunity to celebrate, to gather, to look inward, and to give thanks.

The holiday season is filled with parties and celebrations—it’s exciting, it’s exhausting, but most of all, it’s a cornucopia of CHEER.  Regardless of how run down you get with juggling daily routines and holiday events, there’s something about the spirit of the holidays that is cheerful. And to bring those moments into your home or office, why not light our CHEER candle, which fills the room with revitalizing and cooling peppermint, reminiscent of candy canes other seasonal treats.


Along with holiday cheer, comes holiday merriment. Being MERRY is deliciously unavoidable: grandmother bakes her famous gingerbread, mom bakes the apple pies, someone spikes the eggnog, and everyone guiltlessly indulges. Our MERRY candle perfectly captures the scents and flavors of holiday sweets. When MERRY is lit, the air is filled with a warm, yet citrusy aroma. It’s comforting, sweet, almost tasty.


And with all of the cheer and merriment of the season, we often forget to look inward, and feed our personal joys. JOY is found within ourselves, and adds quality to our lives. To discover your inner JOY, warm our JOY candle, which will calm your senses, and lift your spirits. Lavender, lemongrass, and tangerine fill the room with security and sunshine—the perfect setting to reflect.


As exciting as the holiday season is, it is also stressful. As days get shorter and to-do lists get longer, we forget to be grateful for life’s simple pleasures, and we fail to allow ourselves to experience a moment of PEACE. Uplift yourself and warm our PEACE candle, which will drench your soul in patchouli, clary sage, and Canadian white spruce. PEACE will clear your mind, opening it up strength, serenity, and harmony.

Finally, enjoy the season! Embrace the season for the bounty of gifts that it has to offer: CHEER, JOY, MERRY, and PEACE. Things may not always be perfect, but grasp what you can, and amazing moments await in the New Year.