The Law of Attraction

The Power of Presence

We can easily get caught in the current of everyday life. Shifting to autopilot, we run from meeting to meeting without a still moment. In the midst of attempting to balance our home, work and personal lives we sometimes forget to stop and smell the flowers.

Have you ever found yourself cooking dinner while on a work call but thinking about how you have to pick the kids up from school? This is proof of the lack of presence in your life. Practicing mindfulness can entirely change your daily habits and lifestyle for the better.

Zen Proverbs tell us, “When you’re eating, eat. When walking, walk.” This is the trick. To train your mind to focus on only one thing at a time creates constant presence in your life resulting in bliss and inner peace.

Becoming entirely aware of your surroundings will ground you and bring you to the moment.   “The moment you are aligned with now, you become the space for Now. When you consciously become that space, you are free. The power of Now suddenly comes through you,” -Eckhart Tolle, Practicing Presence in Every Moment of Your Life.

Creating a mindful lifestyle doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve established 5 tricks to harness the power of present: 

1.)    Awareness. Bringing yourself to awareness of your present moment is the first on our list. Observe your surroundings fully. Browse the details around you. Use your senses to smell, taste and feel your surroundings.

2.)    Embrace. Embrace simplicity. Try not to think about the future. Enjoy the little things by embracing what is happening now. If you must prepare for the future, write a list - store it away and get back to your now. 

3.)    Breathe. We usually start our mornings with meditation. If you don't meditate, take a private moment to take 3-4 breathes focusing entirely on your breathing pattern. When inhaling say, "I am." When exhaling say, "We are". Repeat this mantra. This is a small reminder that we are one.

4.)    Pause. Every so often, take a moment to pause what you are doing and look around you. Take notice of the time of day, your surroundings, the weather. This brings you back to Earth while offering a moment of solitude and peace.

5.)     Reflect. At the end of each day, reflect on your successes and your struggles. Recite the day. Learn from the day, then move forward. This practice will help you be more conscious the next day. 

To live more completely in each moment, we recommend meditating with our CLARITY aromatherapy candle to achieve acknowledgement of your NOW. Namaste friends! View more @ThePureCandle on Instagram.


Wherever you are, be all there.
— Jim Elliot

Channeling your creative self

As we get older we tend to lose sight of our creativity. Our children remind us of this when they are desperately trying to play mermaids or color but we’re usually too busy or not in the mood. When we finally give in, look at what happens? Our minds naturally shift to the creative side and we become entirely present in the moment. For that moment, we become relaxed, centered and happy. But why is it so hard to revive our creative selves?



To retrieve that inspiration, think back to your childhood, when you were at your creative peak, think about what activities made you happy and try to engage in a similar activity now, as an adult. Was it playing in a treehouse? Go hiking in the woods and pick flowers to bring home to display in a special place, take a wood carving class, or build a treehouse of your own!  Why not?

Or perhaps it was creating an imaginary game with your friends and completely making up the characters and the rules. Try to take that same form of creation and apply it to a business idea! Did you really love to paint and make new colors as a kid swishing orange, pink and purple to make a new color of your own with your own name? Go ahead and make your own color in life and don’t conform! Paint a special room in your home for YOU! Don’t be afraid of not being good enough. If it came from your source of creation, it’s beautiful in every way.  

Creativity is a blessing and a pure source of happiness, it’s one of our connections to the Universe. There are so many ways to engage in creativity and sometimes it just takes a little inspiration. At The Pure Candle, you can channel your creative self with our Inspiration Candle. Create the right environment and say the right mantras, “I am creative and it makes me happy. I feel so inspired to create something amazing. I am creative and happy.”  Creating your inspiring environment is all part of the trick. Sometimes, to channel creativity and inspiration, a form of meditation with the candle can help.

We recently read an article by 99U that mapped out the benefits of the power of thought and mediation, especially when channeling inspiration:

Focus. Concentration is essential to outstanding creative execution and performance. The simple act of focusing on your breathing day after day, will gradually improve your powers of concentration.

Patience. Meditation can be incredibly boring. For once in your life, you’re not trying to do anything or think anything, just sit there and pay attention to your immediate experience. And you will encounter all kinds of resistance to doing it. Zen priest Steve Hagen says, “If you can get past resistance to meditation, nothing else in life will be an obstacle.”

Calmness. At first, you’ll be surprised, maybe even horrified, to discover how busy your mind is – a non-stop stream of mental chatter. But if you stay with it, you should gradually find that your mind settles down as the months go by.

Clarity. Like calmness, this can be gradual and intermittent to begin with. But you are likely to notice moments and even periods of mental clarity, when you see things clearly and your mind is sharper than usual – which makes problem-solving and decision-making easier.

Insight. You’ve probably had the experience of suddenly realizing the solution to a problem, even though you haven’t been consciously thinking of it. Or you may have experienced a moment of inspiration, when a new idea flashes into your mind unbidden. If you’re practicing meditation regularly, expect this to happen more often.

Perspective. When you spend time just being present and observing your breath, thoughts, feelings, and moment-to-moment experience, you start to realize how trivial most of our daily worries really are. Even in the midst of the daily grind, you can let go of the small stuff, and keep the big picture in view.

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To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong”-
— Joseoh Chilton Pearce
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