Aromatherapy Candles

Create a Romantic Atmosphere with Aromatic Essential Oil Candles

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re setting the mood for romance with our aromatherapy candles! Whether you’re celebrating lover’s day relaxing at a secluded cabin cuddled in front of a fireplace or planning a dinner date followed by a romantic night in, our original aroma blends in our LOVE and SEXY candles are the perfect touch.

Essential Oils, favored and recommended by relationship experts, are the best way to ignite your senses and spice things up! Promoting two of our specialty candles for the big day, we’re showing you how to create a romantic atmosphere with aromatic essential oil candles and just how these scents are benefiting your love life.

The oils used in our Valentine’s Candles {SEXY and LOVE} such as Rose and Ylang Ylang act as a major love potion! Made for the ladies, Rose balances hormones and boosts feelings of sexual prowess and confidence, while Ylang Ylang increases energy and intensifies feelings or eroticism to help “set the mood”.  Both oils increase libido overall and promote attraction so you’re ending the night with a bang!

These traditional romance oils like jasmine, rose, and ylang ylang are combined with amber and warm vanilla make for a passionate night. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and add a little something extra to the package, OR gift the candles for your special someone!

Aromatherapy Soy Candle LOVE, $38.00

Rose Geranium | Ylang Ylang | Bergamot

Immerse yourself in the love candle. This pretty floral blend includes ylang ylang from Madagascar which eases you in a gentle and loving state of mind. Enjoy its sweet, floral aphrodisiac properties. Give yourself the gift of a balanced mood, while attracting love, compassion and passion in yourself and those around you. 

Aromatherapy Soy Candle - SEXY, $38.00

Amber | Rose | Vanilla

Awaken sensuality with a full bodied and warm musky smell of the sexy candle. The woodsy and heady notes of amber combined with soft floral rose and comforting vanilla, will engage your romantic senses. This exotic blend will invite confidence and allure to anyone who wants to feel their inner passion ignite. 

Healing with Aromatherapy

Who doesn’t love a bit of aromatherapy? It’s an art, but also a science. It’s the practice of natural oils extracted from flowers and leaves to enhance your physical and emotional well-being. Each essential oil has their own individual healing properties. 

Light with Pure Intention. Those four words perfectly describe our top seller, The Pure Healing Candle, perfectly. Containing the purest essential oils extracted from plants indigenous to their native regions along with a combination of soy wax, creates a healthy and clean candle incomparable to any other.

The best reason to add the healing candle to your home is for the added benefit of the aromatherapy properties. It’s an alternative embark to help your body, mind, and spirit through the power of aromatherapy to stimulate your senses. Dating back to ancient Egyptians who used essential oils in massages and baths, aromatherapy quickly became notable for its unique healing practices.

Certain scents are able to trigger reactions in your body to enhance clarity, concentration, relieve stress, and help gain energy. By knowing the different properties connected to myriad of scents, you’ll be able to decide on scented candles that will have your desired effect. Naturally, we’re captivated by the things that smell good and make us feel good.

The Pure Healing Candle was made to purify both your mind and body. Essential oils of French Lavender and refreshing eucalyptus soothe your body, while reducing mental and physical weariness. Anxiety can be diminished and euphoria can arise, when united with sage, the “sacred herb.” Use the Healing Candle to detoxify, energize and heal.

The key ingredient, Lavender, is an essential oil notable for soothing and relaxing. It is said to help relieve nervousness, stress, and depression. Often, it’s used to help with headaches and to fall asleep. The perfect scent for your bedroom or for a candlelight bubble bath, let the power of aromatherapy blends heal your day.

To enjoy your Pure Healing Candle, decide on a special non-crafty place in your home or office to allow the beautiful aromatherapy to encompass you. To heighten the burn of the soy candle and the essence of the healing aromatherapy, let the trim-free wick burn for approximately an hour, making sure the wax pools at the edge of the glass.

When you’re ready to use your Healing Candle, take a few deep breaths through your nose, allowing the distinct and influential properties of the essential oils to reach your inner consciousness. Visualize your healing and release any negativity that no longer serves you. The power of the aromatherapy coupled with the visualization of healing and believing, will harness the powers of manifestation! 

Aromatherapy is an efficient way to increase a sense of well-being. A Pure Candle can add a pleasing aura to an entire room. Embrace the new scent-filled and colorful world of scented candles. Allow the Healing Candle to do exactly what it was designed to do: heal.