Gratitude is the season...

My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving.  I love the opportunity to gather with family, friends and sometimes a stranger or acquaintance who needs a place to share a meal because they are far from home.   I love that there are no gifts and the only focus is feeling grateful for the love and health in our lives.  I love the delicious meal to be shared and the looks of excitement and relaxation on everyone's face around the table.

We easily go through the day forgetting at times what gratitude feels like.  Makes us feel so warm inside and genuinely happy even for just a moment....even if we may be lacking in areas of our lives.  When we focus on the positive and FEEL gratitude, it's an automatic shift in our energy and bodies and we are less stressed and more open to the abundance of the Universe.

We created the beautiful Gratitude candle to simply give as a gift to show appreciation and for the user to light when they feel grateful for something in their life.  What a great way to take a moment to light a candle, close your eyes and to think about your spouses, children, pets, home, family members, a friend who helped, a co-worker who was there for you, a neighbor who always sends a smile even when you're feeling lousy.  We can all find moments of gratitude daily and I encourage all of you to take two minutes to genuinely feel the buzzy happiness if gives you.  Send the love!

 "Light with Pure Intention"

Mayra Kavan